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Gofman & Tsukerman - Darko / Rush Zone

November 07, 2011
After providing a perfect warm-up for the Universal Religion Chapter 5 compilation, Gofman & Tsukerman's 'Darko', along with its 'Rush Zone' B-side, is finally out to start a big fire! Israeli producer duo Igal Gofman & Michael Tsukerman have been working together since 2008, shaking the foundations of EDM with tracks like 'One Way Back', 'We Control You' and 'Ethnica'. Their latest piece of blended perfection, 'Darko', was selected to rock Armin van Buuren's new 'Universal Religion' compilation, moving its listeners with a mix of deep prog, playful kicks and a symphony that catches you from the first time you hear it. Along with 'Darko', comes the more techy 'Rush Zone'. A rougher, more mysterious track, destroying everything on its way.


  1. 0. Darko (Original Mix) (07:24)
  2. 0. Rush Zone (Original Mix) (06:49)
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