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GNX - Gekko / Halfway Home

September 07, 2009
The speaker lovin' GNX sound is back! A few months after 'Copius Cain', we've got two new sturdy trancers on the loose. UK producer Damion Houchen took all the inspiration he could get and took it inside his studio, with 'Gekko' and 'Halfway Home' as a result. While 'Halfway Home' is a clash of progressive electro and uplifting trance, 'Gekko' is genuinely constructed around a big room sound- in a mash of mysterious melodic trance, deep progressive and stabby techno. GNX knows how to rock the speakers.


  1. 0. Gekko (Genix Electro Mix) (06:40)
  2. 0. Halfway Home (Original Mix) (06:43)
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