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GNX - Fuzz Junkie / 105

March 08, 2010
Girls, stand in line, for Damion Houchen is rubbing things down with 'Fuzz Junkie' and tingles the senses with '105'. The UK producer/DJ, still recouping of last year's tune duties on 'Copius Cain' and the 'Gekko' EP, calls in the year with an even stronger sound. His cheeky Re-Rub of 'Fuzz Junkie' is energetic, melodic and fusions house, progressive and trance with an attitude. '105' is the more proggy track of this magnificent duo, gently flowing pass warm melodies, distortive peaks and soothing vocal blends.


  1. 0. Fuzz Junkie (Genix Re-Rub) (07:11)
  2. 0. 105 (Original Mix) (07:00)
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