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Glenn Morrison - Symptoms Of A Stranger EP Remixed

June 21, 2010
Holding the key to variety, Canadian producer Glenn Morrison has touched ground with all different styles, from deep dives into progressive onto cloud-high side-steps to house and trance. Glenn Morrison is one of the few dance producers out there that manages to keep his sound unrestricted but typically Morrison at the same time. Open-minded as he is, it's no surprise a remix pack would be included to the release of his 'Symptoms Of A Stranger' and 'Triangle and Strings'. The feedback to his latest EP has been out of this world. His first vocal track, featuring the vocals of Uk vocalist Cathy Burton, fondled between trance and prog, was picked up by Dutchman Jorn van Deynhoven. Uplifting trance is the result, emotional and ethereal in all its beats and pieces. From the very first time German producer Jerome Isma-Ae heard 'Triangle & Strings' he knew he wanted to remix it. And so he did. His remix of this illustrious masterpiece has that typical Isma-Ae drive: one that keeps you going, speeding and hitting full throttle. Crouching like a tiger near its prey and taking you in with a prog-house driven force. Last but not least, we find the Space Oddity remix by Henry Saiz in this pack. The Spanish re-worker of tracks by Way Out West, John Digweed and Tiësto, added a unique touch of warmth to 'Symptoms Of A Stranger' on his remix, that doesn't let itself be captured into the 'prog-house' genre only. Above and Beyond Jerome mix spot on as usual! PaulvanDyk Support! Gareth Emery Jerome Isma-ae doing the business as ever! Simon Oliver full support!!! TyDi Henry's remix is nice! John O'Callaghan Jorns remix does not disappoint - on fire! Cosmic Gate Like JvD Rmx. and also Jeromes Mix, even as its too housy 4 us to play! W&W Cool uplifting remix by JvD! Dash Berlin Jorn van Deynhoven remix, deadly effective. Like the Henry Saiz remix too! Dave Pearce JVD has sprinkled his magic dust again :-) Ernesto & Bastian Jorn's mix of the symptoms rocks pretty hard :) also the Triangle & Strings mix of Jerome support! good stuff!! Eelke Kleijn Henry on a roll, very good stuff! Ernesto & Bastian: Featured on The Next Level Radio Show Episode 180


  1. 0. Symptoms Of A Stranger (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix) (08:39)
  2. 0. Symptoms Of A Stranger (Henry Saiz Remix Edit) (10:25)
  3. 0. Triangle & Strings (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) (08:00)
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