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Glenn Morrison - Playing With Ivory EP

February 01, 2010
The past three years have been an absolute dream to Glenn Morrison. His Morrison Recordings label grew out to be a true sanctuary for prog-house lovers, his originals and remixes went high up the charts and soul by soul, he impresses everyone with his contagious floor-sweeping DJ sets. What more could he want? Well, more of that good stuff! And that's exactly what he takes in with these two new Morrison gems. 'Playing With Ivory' and 'Another Suggestion' are the follow-up to Glenn's 'Drone EP', 'Odyssey EP' and Bruce Aisher collab 'Graffiti'. 'Playing With Ivory' is the calmer of the two, though more than fit for peak-time pleasure. The prog-driven track is supported with an outstanding piece of piano-play on the break, while in 'Another Suggestion' it's a cinematic sounding reworked vocal that separates this track from any other. A more than memorable release from the man that just doesn't seem to be able to produce a bad track at all.


  1. 0. Playing With Ivory (Original Mix) (09:07)
  2. 0. Another Suggestion (Original Mix) (08:49)
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