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Glenn Morrison featuring Cathy Burton - Symptoms Of A Stranger EP

April 19, 2010
Glenn Morrison's 'Odyssey', 'Satellite', 'No Sudden Moves' and 'Drone' EP are still etched in memory, but a new EP is set for reminiscence. After years of powerful instrumentals and loads of practice on several top notch remixes, the Canadian producer now takes a deep dive into vocals. 'Symptoms Of A Stranger' is set to fill your mind with progressive rapture, guided by the voice of UK's vocalist Cathy Burton. Fondling trance and progressive, 'Symptoms Of A Stranger' resounds somewhere between the mesmerizing stars and the deep, dark ground trembling on its beat. Spanish producer Henry Saiz, re-worker of tracks by Way Out West, John Digweed and Tiësto, added a unique touch of warmth to 'Symptoms Of A Stranger' on his Space Oddity remix, that doesn't let itself be captured into the 'prog-house' genre only. The cherry on top of all this, is 'Triangle & Strings'. An outstanding piece of music that takes you in at an instant, riding on a deep progressive-trance sound of strings, synths and tantalizing beats.


  1. 0. Symptoms Of A Stranger (Original Mix) (06:20)
  2. 0. Triangle & Strings (Original Mix) (07:16)
  3. 0. Symptoms Of A Stranger (Henry Saiz Remix) (10:25)
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