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Glenn Morrison and Bruce Aisher - Graffiti / You Plus Me Equals This

August 31, 2009
Morrison imprint owner Glenn Morrison hooks up with an old mate of his. Bruce Aisher, also known under the Gutterstylez alias, and Glenn go back a long time. After producing several remixes together, it's time for Bruce and Glenn to finally introduce the world to their first full release together. 'Graffiti' is their laidback, prog-housy fusion of spray-paint inspired samples, colorful melodies and groovy beats. Marking the speakers with some vivid creations as it shatters through the clubs, 'Graffiti' is a track to keep an eye ánd ear on.


  1. 0. Graffiti (Original Vocal Mix) (07:14)
  2. 0. You Plus Me Equals This (Original Mix) (08:15)
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