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Gerry Menu - Vonkystof E.P.

June 14, 2010
1994 is a year Dutchman Remy Unger won't forget about soon. It's 16 years back since this tech-house legend had his first release. Since that day, there's really no getting around his production. In Remy's musical career a lot has happened, but even more is there still happening. Under the wings of his very own 68 Recordings label, he serves anyone's appetite for tech-house with one quality release after the next. Keeping his sound fresh and open-minded at all times, Remy once again resides under his Gerry Menu moniker for a triptych ride into classy techno and profound prog-house. The 3 Track EP is made out of the melodious and deep 'Grump & Grind', cheeky and playful 'Untamed 5.1' and pulsating tech'er 'Vonkystof'. A tasty threesome for the peak-time moments and deeper, warm-up sets. Markus Schultz will test Max Graham Excellent Gareth Emery Cool EP here, liking Grump & Grind Dave Pearce There is something filthy about Grump and Grind. Love it ;-) Ashley Wallbridge Loving Vonkystof. Real cool groovy track TyDi Supporting! This is cool :)


  1. 0. Grump And Grind (Original Mix) (07:50)
  2. 0. Vonkystof (Original Mix) (07:43)
  3. 0. Untamed (Original Mix) (06:24)
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