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Gerry Menu - Smaq / Plofkop

December 14, 2009
Every once in a while, we all like to dress up and pretend to be someone else. Dutchman Remy Unger has been doing it for 3 years in a row already. Some of his musical masterpieces he veils under the Gerry Menu alias, keeping his mind and public open to a slightly different sound than we're used to hearing from him.After biggies 'Ketser' and 'Tram', Remy lets the more melodic side of him speak his mind through a new EP. 'Smaq' and 'Plofkop' will look after the needs of those looking for their fix of quality tech-house. If you kick off with 'Smaq', there's a high chance you'll be clicking the repeat button right after. An infectious, mind-lingering destroyer that builds, breaks and tears down the house. 'Plofkop', on the other hand, isn't only a very useful Dutch name for ugly people, but also the tile of a more than groovy dancefloor wrecker. 'Plofkop' is more techy and minimalistic than 'Smaq', but still also rides a warm melody and groovy, clean cut sound.


  1. 0. Smaq (Original Mix) (08:13)
  2. 0. Plofkop (Original Mix) (07:03)
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