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George Acosta featuring Aruna - Fallin Backwards

July 14, 2008
Another big release on Soundpiercing! After teaming up with Mike Shiver, George Acosta teams up with Aruna, the vocalist whom you might remember from her recent single with The Thrillseekers. Falling Backwards comes in a package with 4 Duderstadt remixes. The guys behind Fragma and Inpetto took care of a range of remixes that will fit in any of your sets. Last but not least the Dutch Duo Vast Vision, aka Mungo, took it up a notch and delivered a big peaktime trancer.DJ Support:Cosmic Gate: Supporting the Duderstadt mixes! Thanks!Andy Moor: Nice vocal, all mixes are nice...supporting


  1. 0. Fallin Backwards (Original Mix) (08:16)
  2. 0. Fallin Backwards (Original Instrumental Mix) (08:16)
  3. 0. Fallin Backwards (Duderstadt Hard Dub) (08:24)
  4. 0. Fallin Backwards (Duderstadt Uplifting Remix) (08:24)
  5. 0. Fallin Backwards (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub) (08:24)
  6. 0. Fallin Backwards (Duderstadt Uplifting Edit) (04:17)
  7. 0. Fallin Backwards (J. Scott G.'s Damn Near Broke It Remix) (08:45)
  8. 0. Fallin Backwards (Vast Vision Remix) (08:08)
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