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Gary Maguire & Stereo Wildlife - Always Different

October 22, 2012
Gary Maguire is a trance and techno producer whose name has always been synonymous with high quality productions throughout his career on Discover Records, consistently displayed an outstanding skill for melody writing and song construction with razor sharp programming. After delivering his astounding remix of the Perfecto classic "Bullet In The Gun", Paul Oakenfold immediately wanted to hear more. And so here, he teams up with another artist who has already began to establish himself on Perfecto Records, Stereo Wildlife, to give you this absolutely colossal record, "Always Different". There is literally no other way to describe this single. And remixes? A record this big doesn't need them!


  1. 1. Always Different (Original Mix) (07:23)
  2. 2. Always Different (Radio Edit) (04:31)
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