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Garry Heaney - Oracle

August 23, 2011
A new member to the league of upcoming UK producers is Scotsman Garry Heaney. Making his way up since 2009 and killing silence with tracks like 'Citation', 'X Marks The Spot' and 'Rockstar Draft', now results in his debut release on the A State of Trance label. 'Oracle' is the track hammered by the DJ elite, loved by the crowds and now finally released on ASOT. It's got that highly energetic, synth-driven trance sound of old, mingling with the feel and sound-quality of today. 'Oracle' hits in exactly where it should, moving both heart and body. If you're craving something that leans towards the prog-trance sound, go for the Luke Bond remix. Focusing on the melodic core of 'Oracle' while building up a strong, uplifting trancer makes this a great addition to the release.


  1. 0. Oracle (Original Mix) (07:39)
  2. 0. Oracle (Luke Bond Remix) (06:50)
  3. 0. Oracle (Radio Edit) (04:27)
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