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Gareth Emery - I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You)

June 10, 2016
Between the semi-acoustic original as featured on '100 Reasons To Live' and a full-on, full-force remix, 'I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You)' is where two worlds collide and become one. Comprising beautiful chord progressions, emotional melodies, and heart-rending vocals, both Gareth Emery's original and Giuseppe Ottaviani's rendition conjure an atmosphere that just must be heard. What else did you expect from these two masterminds?


  1. 1. I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You) (03:43)
  2. 2. I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You) (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (03:41)
  3. 3. I Could Be Stronger (But Only For You) (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) (06:19)
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