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Gal Abutbul - Reborn / Activate

August 20, 2012
A booming bass is a joy forever. At least, it is when it's the beat of Gal Abutbul that kicks in. The Israeli producer rocks us with two solid new additions, 'Reborn' and 'Activate'. Not a single Abutbul track that touched the speaker has left a man unmoved. Now that the sounds of 'Made of Love' and the rocking 'Genelec' have come to past, it's time for a new fascination. Or two, in this case. A perfect piece for the summer festivals and dark club nights, is the catchy 'Reborn'. A playful tune with a synthy melody and warm proggy sound to it. 'Activate' walks the deeper edge of prog-trance, with a funky tech burst right after the break. Did you feel that booming bass?


  1. 1. Reborn (Original Mix) (07:39)
  2. 2. Activate (Original Mix) (07:22)
  3. 3. Reborn (Radio Edit) (03:56)
  4. 4. Activate (Radio Edit) (03:11)
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