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GAIA - Moons Of Jupiter [Sampler 04]

August 26, 2019
Completing the quartet in style, the fourth sampler of GAIA’s ‘Moons Of Jupiter’ draws fans into a distant world of whirling acid lines and thrilling tempo changes that thrive on a bedrock of electronic mayhem. From ‘Dia (Computer Electronic)’ and 'Valetudo' to ‘Ganymede’ and ‘- (Lost) (S 2003J12) [Moons Of Jupiter]’ , this grand finale of the sampler series truly is the icing on the cosmic cake.

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  1. 1. Dia [Computer Electronic] (03:49)
  2. 2. Valetudo (04:11)
  3. 3. Ganymede (05:32)
  4. 4. - (Lost) (S/2003J12) [Moons Of Jupiter] (02:53)
  5. 5. Dia [Computer Electronic] (Extended Mix) (05:08)
  6. 6. Valetudo (Extended Mix) (04:05)
  7. 7. Ganymede (Extended Mix) (06:25)
  8. 8. - (Lost) (S/2003J12) [Moons Of Jupiter] (Extended Mix) (05:06)
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