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GAIA - Moons Of Jupiter [Sampler 02]

August 12, 2019
Building on the subject of sonic exploration, GAIA lay down the foundation of the future with four new cuts taken from their ‘Moons Of Jupiter’ album. A revolutionary take on contemporary electronic music with an edge of roughness and darkness to boot, this second album sampler lets ‘Themisto’, ‘Himalia’, ‘Jupiter LXV’ and ‘Callisto’ pave the way for fans worldwide to continue on the trajectory of discovery.

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  1. 1. Themisto (03:34)
  2. 2. Himalia (02:52)
  3. 3. Jupiter LXV (S/2017J4) (04:06)
  4. 4. Callisto (03:39)
  5. 5. Themisto (Extended Mix) (04:40)
  6. 6. Himalia (Extended Mix) (04:17)
  7. 7. Jupiter LXV (S/2017J4) (Extended Mix) (05:44)
  8. 8. Callisto (Extended Mix) (06:02)
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