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Gabriel & Dresden vs Secret Panda Society - No Reservations

February 20, 2012
After 4 years of studio silence, Gabriel & Dresden are proud to bring you 'No Reservations', a raw piece of melodic bass power co produced with Washington, DC dubstep duo Secret Panda Society. Though you'll rarely find a more celebrated duo in EDM history, Gabriel & Dresden are determined to not rest on their hits. Nearly a decade after the global classic 'As The Rush Comes' and 6 years after the release of their debut album and "Tracking Treasure Down", Gabriel & Dresden once again show with "No Reservations" their penchant for getting a melody in your head while at the same time fusing several genres together to deliver something you can't quite describe to your friends without having the audio evidence. Not only do we get the excellent original but in a few weeks there will also be remixes coming Khomha (trance), Kevin Focus (progressive trance) and D-Wayne (electro house) to further help cement that arpeggio hook and buzzy bass synth into your cranium. like that old rave choon says, "watch ya bassbins...i'm tellin' ya!"


  1. 1. No Reservations (Original Mix) (06:35)
  2. 2. No Reservations (Radio Edit) (03:19)
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