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Fuzzy Admiral - Shock Volume / The Saint

April 30, 2012
Dutch house master Mischa Daniels launches a new side-project. Under the Fuzzy Admiral moniker, he kicks in with two funky, rhythmic housers - 'Shock Volume' and 'The Saint'. With an open mind and an unstoppable drive to get the masses to move, Dutchman Mischa Daniels has been living out his passion for more than 15 years. With 'Shock Volume' and 'The Saint', he proves to still know how to groove. 'Shock Volume' is a thick-bassed, dirty type of tune, seductive and with a dark edge. This funky tune will lure you! The playful, easy melody and loud kicks of 'The Saint' are something else. With a deep feel and energetic vibe, it rushes in from the very first kick.


  1. 1. Shock Volume (Mischa Daniels Re- Work) (05:41)
  2. 2. The Saint (Original Mix) (05:52)
  3. 3. Shock Volume (Mischa Daniels Re- Work Radio Edit) (03:41)
  4. 4. The Saint (Radio Edit) (03:52)
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