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Future Disciple - Jacobs Ladder

October 14, 2013
Future Disciple aka Daniel James has been cutting his career in the electronic scene for the best part of 10 years. He has developed a powerful and unique sound fuelled with a potent mix of energy, arps and acids over trademark rumbling bass and enchanting eastern vocals. The Future Disciple stock has been rising over the past months with original appearances on Black Hole Recordings, Freegrant Music and Songird as well as his recent appearance on Fluoro, remixing Angry Man's 'Mescaline'. "Jacobs Ladder" showcases his mixture of styles perfectly while keeping everything dark, driving and underground, as you would expect of Perfecto Fluoro. If there is one guy who has nailed the Fluoro sound perfectly - it's Future Disciple. Take it!!


  1. 1. Jacobs Ladder (Original Mix) (07:30)
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