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Funk D - Awesome

November 05, 2012
More and more producers of the harder styles of EDM discover the beat of house. Making up for a perfect combination, Energetic Sounds welcomes the maddening sounds of Funk D. We sure hope you're ready for some serious moves on the floor, cause 'Awesome' just landed! Dutch producer Dirk Bons knows how to get the beats pumping and the grooves flowing. After a successful period of DJ'ing hardcore and hardstyle under his XTR moniker, he got infected with the house movement. This time, he sets the curve and kicks it in loud with 'Awesome'. Melodic synths mingle with the rough and infectious sound of electro, all driven by a tight build-up. Let's see if you're ready for this!


  1. 1. Awesome (Original Mix) (05:19)
  2. 2. Awesome (Bigroom-Establishment & Casey Copa Remix) (06:07)
  3. 3. Awesome (Radio Edit) (02:54)
  4. 4. Awesome (Bigroom-Establishment & Casey Copa Radio Edit) (03:19)
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