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French Braids - Take Me To The River

July 31, 2019
The Bearded Man has been accused of many things, but being inauthentic isn’t one of them. Maybe it’s the way sunlight gently reflects off the loose strands of his beard, or maybe it’s the way his steely gaze seems to radiate trustworthiness. In any case, it seems pretty clear that his capacity for human emotion is larger than that of others, even though he’s really only ever been *part* human to begin with (and partly immortal, obviously). When someone travels as much as he does, they will experience *more*. More of everything. Higher highs. Lower lows. More connectedness. More isolation. The wanderer’s life is a strange, mixed bag of emotions. While he wouldn’t have it any other way, occasionally even our great hero needs moments to recharge his batteries. For that, there’s nothing better than an ice cold mountain stream to shock him back to life. Arms outstretched, he dives into the water...

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  1. 1. Take Me To The River (03:39)
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