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Francis Preve - Flotsam / Jetsam

October 11, 2010
Technology guru Francis Preve returns with double A-side sizzler in the form of his new EP - 'Flotsam'/ 'Jetsam'. Named after the nautical terms for marine debris, 'Flotsam' and 'Jetsam' are two tracks that will make waves on dancefloors for months to come. With its gurgling conga riffs and slippery bassline, 'Flotsam' evokes the housey bounce of Sebastien Leger's more recent tech house excursions. Kicking off with a deceptively simple swinging groove and escalating into full-on analog madness, 'Flotsam' has already received support from techno and house giants John Aquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto. 'Jetsam' draws from the exact same sonic palette as its counterpart, but veers into driving techno territory with a tasteful nod to the more intelligent aspects of electro. Pivoting on percolating Latin percussion and a constantly rising dirty lead, 'Jetsam' is peak-time bombast at its finest. Both tracks are tested floor-fillers that prove that Preve's sonic alchemy can take even the simplest conga loop and transmute it into techno gold.


  1. 0. Flotsam (Original Mix) (06:08)
  2. 0. Jetsam (Original Mix) (06:51)
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