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Foyle & Zo - Simple Things

October 24, 2011
UK's finest young talents team up to find the perfect blend of piano-infused trance and energetic prog. Mike Foyle and Mat Zo sooth the soul with 'Simple Things'. Mike Foyle and Mat Zo. Two producers with sounds that are hard to define, but recognizable at the same time. These boys like to keep things fresh, diverse and simple. Foyle, piano virtuoso, shaking floors and moving souls with his 'Firely', 'Pandora' and deeper efforts 'Bittersweet Nightshade' and 'Shades of Red'. Zo, self-taught producing prodigy, that signed his first track at the age of 16 and continues to grow with tracks like 'Rush', 'Aurus' and 'Rebound'. 'Simple Things' is their first collaboration. And hopefully not the last. 'Simple Things' flows with a fluent cross-over of melodic prog, light trancy synths and a constant wave of energy. Moving you with a light-hearted break-in-the-clouds sound, blissful till the very last second. 'Simple Things' reflects everything a quality trance track should shine.


  1. 0. Simple Things (Simple Things) (08:24)
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