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Flashtech - Horizon EP

October 22, 2014
There are bright days at the 'Horizon' for Hungarian producer Flashtech! Tamas Fodor from the city of Eger in Hungary has created a beautiful EP to be released on Statement! Recordings, an obvious but welcome follow up after his great remix of 'That One Word' by Ruben de Ronde and Danny Chen. Flashtech debutes at Statement! with a two track EP, the subtle and gentle break of 'Horizon' pictures that trackname perfectly. A soothing piano line followed by a powerfull liftoff! On the B-side 'Apocalypse' is a dancefloor oriented track, with a booming bassline and boosting melody


  1. 1. Horizon (Original Mix) (08:43)
  2. 2. Apocalypse (Original Mix) (08:13)
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