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Fisherman & Hawkins - Rude Awakening

June 17, 2013
Fisherman & Hawkins have shifted into high gear. And the world is listening. Following the all-destroying smash of 'Apache' and its follow-up 'Gold', is the pounding bass of 'Rude Awakening'. They're moving quick and rising fast. To Dutch duo Fisherman & Hawkins, the sky is the limit. After their 'Apache' started ruling the global floors, they had nothing left to do but show the world that they were no one hit wonders. And so they did. All set with a thick bassline, a contagious synth to follow and a drive that makes it nothing less than peak-time, 'Rude Awakening' is next in line to show their talent.


  1. 1. Rude Awakening (Original Mix) (06:42)
  2. 2. Rude Awakening (Radio Edit) (04:18)
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