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Filth & Splendour feat. Marisa - Gold

May 13, 2013
Following on from last month's package of brand new remixes of seminal Perfecto release "Southern Sun" - we continue the Summer vibes with this beautiful vocal hit from super hot UK talent Filth & Splendour. Delicious melodies, scrumptious lyrics this is anthem that swells to monstrous proportions. "Gold" is a festival season monster. Check out the awesome remixes from label boss Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto regular Moe Aly. Three flavours for three different times in the night. This truly is GOLD!!!


  1. 1. Gold (Paul Oakenfold Remix) (05:15)
  2. 2. Gold (Original Mix) (06:43)
  3. 3. Gold (Moe Aly Remix) (06:48)
  4. 4. Gold (Radio Edit) (04:15)
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