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Fei-Fei - Never Forget

June 16, 2008
A brand new release on M.I.K.E.'s label Club Elite! The 26st release is made by Fei - Fei! With releases at High Contrast and Vandit it is time for her to strike down at Club Elite with her release "Never Forget". Never forget gets completed with two remixes, the first one is by Klems and Joey Medina!Dj Support:Dave Pearce, Armin van Buuren, M.I.K.E. , Andy Moor,


  1. 0. Never Forget (Joey Medina Remix) (07:30)
  2. 0. Never Forget (Klems Remix) (07:15)
  3. 0. Never Forget (Original Mix) (07:21)
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