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Federation - Synchronized

May 23, 2011
Federation is a new band featuring the perfectly matched writing skills of Ben Lost (Young Parisians, Ashtrax, The Remote) and Rich Mowatt (Solarstone). Both have a plethora of individual successes to their respective names and come together here to create a fresh sound and style - fusing cutting edge electronic music with the inspiration drawn from key influences - including The Cocteau Twins, The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy. Their debut single 'Synchronized' sets the tone for what is to come, balancing impeccable melodies, hypnotic grooves and provocative vocals which all come together to seduce the listener in. Protoculture reworks the track in his unique style fusing the finest elements of prog and psy to create an energetic and luscious soundscape. A perfect complement to the original. Federation is a lethal injection into the limp arm of a stagnant dance scene, which for too long has been sedated by commerciality.


  1. 0. Synchronized (Original Mix) (08:23)
  2. 0. Synchronized (Protoculture Remix) (07:40)
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