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Federation - Quiero

January 14, 2013
The quintessential psychedelic trance band Federation are back with one of their hottest studio productions to date, as debuted and road tested during their live show at Slinky's 15th birthday in Bournemouth. "Quiero" is a packed with pace, punch and precise programming. It's a peak time acid frenzy just how we like it! There was only ever going to be one person right for the remix job on this release, and that is Future Disciple. An incredible talent and a HUGE favourite in the Perfecto Records office (Paul Oakenfold included 3 or 4 of his productions on his recent Four Seasons compilation release!!) we were more than wet with excitement when he obliged to rework this record. Pumping bass, beats and his trademarks ethnic samples makes this an unforgettable storming track! When translated from Spanish the title means "I want". Well - we want too. More Federation, more 303 acid and more trance the Goa-way!


  1. 1. Quiero (Original Mix) (09:16)
  2. 2. Quiero (Video Edit) (05:36)
  3. 3. Quiero (Future Disciple Remix) (09:00)
  4. 4. Quiero (Future Disciple Radio Edit) (03:31)
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