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Federation - Black Tide

June 04, 2012
All clad in black the new goth-psy-trance super group Federation return with yet another ground breaking single set to reinforce their position as pioneers of the new middle ground trance scene that has spawned from the area between trance and psychedelic. After their explosive debut live performance at Slinky's 15th Birthday in the UK earlier this month, where they took the roof off in front of a packed out capacity crowd at the O2 Arena, you can rest assured that live Federation is just as explosive and unique as their studio work suggests. "Black Tide" is Federation's 3rd single and it further embraces the bands influences in gothic rock as well as their respective individual abilities as successful EDM recording artists. This is trademark Federation. Moody guitar riffs, evocative vocals with driving drums and bass, this is slick and classy from the word go! One of the Perfecto office's favourite producers Thomas Datt does what he does best with the remix. His remix of "Full Moon Party" early in the year was in our view absolute perfection personified. His remix of "Black Tide" is equally epic. That's what Thomas Datt does - make epic, driving trance. And we fookin' love it. Topping this package off is a subtle alternative Phuture Live mix from the band themselves. Check out the band's facebook page for video footage from their recent Slinky show.


  1. 1. Black Tide (Original Mix) (09:58)
  2. 2. Black Tide (Thomas Datt Remix) (08:52)
  3. 3. Black Tide (Phuture Live Mix) (09:17)
  4. 4. Black Tide (Radio Edit) (03:53)
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