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Fedde Le Grand - Monsta's Got Me Dancing For Years (The Remixes)

October 22, 2018
One, take four of Fedde Le Grand’s latest floor-crackers. Two, add an equal number of super-talented acts. Three, watch the magic ensue. These huge renditions from John Christian, Reebs, Erdem S¸enel & Harun Yilmaz, and Dom Tronic of respectively ‘Monsta’, ‘You Got Me Runnin’’ ‘Dancing Together’ and ‘Wonder Years’ say it all; you can’t go wrong with ‘Monsta’s Got Me Dancing For Years (The Remixes)’.

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  1. 1. Monsta (John Christian Remix) (03:21)
  2. 2. You Got Me Runnin' (Reebs Remix) (02:18)
  3. 3. Dancing Together (Erdem Senel & Harun Yilmaz Remix) (03:04)
  4. 4. Wonder Years (Dom Tronic Remix) (02:53)
  5. 5. Monsta (John Christian Extended Remix) (04:54)
  6. 6. You Got Me Runnin' (Reebs Extended Remix) (03:12)
  7. 7. Dancing Together (Erdem Senel & Harun Yilmaz Extended Remix) (03:27)
  8. 8. Wonder Years (Dom Tronic Extended Remix) (03:54)
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