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Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr feat. Shaggy - Firestarter

July 28, 2017
Very little introduction is needed when ‘Firestarter’ strikes the match to get the club lit. You won’t find it screeching like Keith Flint of the Prodigy, but it does reunite Fedde le Grand and Ida Corr (2007’s smash ‘Let Me Think About It’), and Corr and Shaggy (‘Under the Sun’ from 2009). With big vocal performances – Shaggy’s loverman kept in check by Corr’s fierce ruling diva – hyped up horns ring around the arena on top of full bodied dancehall swing. ‘Firestarter’ is a mid-paced union of EDM, raggae and pure pop, designed so smooth verses get scooped up by fiery flourishes.


  1. 1. Firestarter (03:16)
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