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FAULHABER - All ‘Bout The Money

October 18, 2019
If it was up to him, The Bearded Man would do one thing and one thing only: He’d travel around the world endlessly. A true minimalist, he’s never needed more than what he could carry on his back to be happy. For the first several hundred years of his existence, he was able to survive on the generosity of strangers everywhere he went. But relatively recently in human history, he noticed a change. It began about the time fractional reserve banking was invented, but who’s counting? Suddenly he needed something new to keep travelling. He needed this paper/coin combination to get by, and frankly, he didn’t have it. That’s when he invented DJing. He decided that people should pay him to go play music for them, and that’s been working out pretty well for him ever since. He still doesn’t *love* the idea of money, and he still doesn’t need more than he can carry on his back... But for some reason, he keeps finding himself these days - despite his outer appearance - in the most luxurious places on earth. Go figure.

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  1. 1. All ‘Bout The Money (02:49)
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