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Fabio XB - Go Ahead / For Her

August 19, 2013
A solid member of the Italian trance-mafioso, Fabio XB has been keeping himself busy on the way up. Following his collabs of 'Moozik', 'Luminary' and 'Eternal', is his very own 'For Her' and 'Go Ahead' duo, making a secure landing on the A State of Trance label. When the music's right, it'll find a way out. And so it did, with the two solid rockers of 'For Her' and 'Go Ahead'. 'For Her', a real beat-ballad and serenade of sweeping strings and brave melodies. 'Go Ahead', the more playful of the two, techy-flavoured and big-room stirred. Fabio XB knows how to do, and he does it well.


  1. 1. Go Ahead (Original Mix) (07:09)
  2. 2. For Her (Original Mix) (07:40)
  3. 3. Go Ahead (Radio Edit) (03:50)
  4. 4. For Her (Radio Edit) (03:35)
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