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Ernesto vs Bastian & Kay Wilder - Shiny Appy People

November 07, 2011
No present without the past and no future without prospect. Ernesto vs Bastian invited young talent Kay Wilder to their studio and now kick in with their collab 'Shiny Appy People'! Fifteen years of experience, thousands of miles flying from gig to gig clocked up, anthems like 'Dark Side of The Moon', 'Thrill', 'Hyper Globe' and 'Bonanza' on their discography and a relentless energy and drive to bring new music to the masses. Ernesto vs Bastian don't need to prove their ability to move the masses. For their new musical journey, they invited Dutchman Kay Wilder, one of the contestants of the Seat's Next DJ competition. Next to dj'ing, this youngster also knows how to shake things down in the studio. And so the first collaboration of Ernesto vs Bastian and Kay Wilder was born. 'Shiny Appy People' has the solid build-up of a progressive trancer, rapidly evolving into a grand, orchestral piece of power, melody and haunting vocals. A classical theme, build around the all-destroying forces of trance, kicks in with this one. A highlight to any set, no matter how young or deep the night may be.


  1. 0. Shiny Appy People (Radio Edit) (04:24)
  2. 0. Shiny Appy People (Intro Mix) (05:12)
  3. 0. Shiny Appy People (Original Mix) (07:17)
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