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Erik De Koning - Dream Flight

April 21, 2008
Erik de Koning, alias Enrico has been producing music for 12 years now and is famous for his Mark van Dale with Enrico's - "WaterVerve" (in some countries also called WaterWave). His production "Higher and higher" (together with DJ Jurgen) reached a number 5 position in the Dutch Top 40 and was released worldwide.But one is probably most impressed by his work under the name of Three Drives (co-productions with Ton TB)."Greece 2000", "Sunset on Ibiza", "Carrera 2" and "Air Traffic" are just a few titels that did (especially in the UK) very well.He debutes on A State of Trance with his track "Dreamflight". This package contains two of his own mixes, the Original and Club mix and Melbourne resident Mike Nichol delivered a pumping remix to complete it.DJ Support: Armin van Buuren: Full support on both mixes!Above & Beyond: supporting the MIke Nichol remix on TATWAndy Moor: Original mix for me!Sean Tyas: Big support on the Mike Nichol mix!Aly & Fila: featured on our mix album "Trance Word"


  1. 0. Dream Flight (Original Mix) (07:51)
  2. 0. Dream Flight (Club Mix) (09:33)
  3. 0. Dream Flight (Mike Nichol Remix) (08:32)
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