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Erick Morillo - Subliminal Sessions 2017

September 29, 2017
A staple in dance music since its very first volume in 2001, ‘Subliminal Sessions’ is as legendary as a roaring live set from Erick Morillo himself. Grooving like a crowd fed with flawless rhythms, it’s a series revered by many and anticipated by even more, simply because of the pivotal role it played in building the House scene of today. And with this next installment, the story continues: ’Subliminal Sessions 2017’. Stacked full of jacking rhythms conjured up by front-runners such as Andrea Oliva, Dean Mickoski & Roland Clark, Harry Romero, Jose Nuñez, Junolarc, Kryder, Mark Knight, The Deepshakerz and of course Erick Morillo, ´Subliminal Sessions 2017´ is where seamless transitions link up with excellent track selection and underground mood-setters. Adding to the legacy, this mix album from the man himself is the next big thing in an already wonderful second era of Subliminal.
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