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Envotion featuring Misia Furtak - Familiar Places

February 24, 2008
A great new release on the strong going labek Pilot6. This time its the new track of Envotion, whom you might remember of their wonderful remix of The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep. The track is laidback tho powerfull with the lush magical vocals of Misia Furtak. The release gets backed up by a great techy mix by Bart van Wissen. DJ Support: Armin van Buuren: Supporting the original mix on my radio show and podcast! Eelke Kleijn: Bart van Wissen remix is my favourite! All though the original is very nice as well. Great release, thanks :) Noel Sanger: Barts mix is wicked as usual! Cliff Coenraad: Bart van Wissen remix for me!!! Andy Moor: great vocal track, supporting Blake Jarrel: Supporting!


  1. 1. Familiar Places (Bart van Wissen Remix) (08:11)
  2. 2. Familiar Places (Original Mix) (07:35)
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