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Daleri - En Route

November 26, 2012
Funky rhythms and bulky beats are served, as the Daleri duo returns for a second round on Trice Recordings! Following their 'Touché' debut, they bring us 'En Route'. And you bet, this one's en route to the dance floor. Swedish producers Eric Kvarnström and Robert Kanat have put themselves on the map. Their Daleri project makes a perfect fit to the sound of the brand new Trice Recordings label, and with their new tune rocking as hard as their 'Touché', it's clear that they've got a promising future ahead. Enjoy the playful tune of 'En Route', as it takes you on a journey past melodic, funky and feel-good house!


  1. 1. En Route (Original Mix) (04:46)
  2. 2. En Route (Adrian Villaverde Remix) (06:03)
  3. 3. En Route (Radio Edit) (03:19)
  4. 4. En Route (Adrian Villaverde Radio Edit) (04:01)
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