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Emma Hewitt - Starting Fires

October 12, 2012
She’s the spark that sets a production alight. The voice that guides you through. And the bright personality that shines on stage. She’s Emma Hewitt, one of EDM’s most talented and beloved singer/songwriters. Following the release of her successful debut album ‘Burn The Sky Down’, she presents an exclusive pack of live acoustic takes and video sessions, including previously unreleased demos of songs you’ve never heard before. This is the ‘Starting Fires’ E.P., by Emma Hewitt. It’s a unique gift to touch the hearts of thousands, and a talent that the Australian singer loves to share. Through her originals and productions, the charismatic lady has built a solid reputation, giving soul to the music by the likes of Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate and Chris Lake. At the release party of her ‘Burn The Sky Down’ album, she did an astonishing live acoustic sessions, a flawless vocal performance that silenced the crowd. This E.P., ‘Starting Fires’, features a collection of those acoustic versions. With her talented brother Anthony delivering the backing vocals and guitar, Emma sings some of her biggest successes. From the magical first single of her debut album, ‘Colours’, to her first break-through collaboration, ‘Carry Me Away’ and the International Dance Music Award winning ‘Waiting’. But the ‘Starting Fires’ E.P. also features the previously unreleased acoustic demos of ‘Adeline’ and ‘It All Began With You’, as well as 2 live acoustic video sessions, each featuring 2 tracks. Emma Hewitt once again starts a fire, in the soul of its listeners.


  1. 1. Emma Hewitt - Miss You Paradise (Live Acoustic Version) (03:26)
  2. 2. Emma Hewitt - Carry Me Away (Live Acoustic Version) (03:03)
  3. 3. Emma Hewitt - Circles (Live Acoustic Version) (03:40)
  4. 4. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound (Live Acoustic Version) (03:41)
  5. 5. Emma Hewitt - Adeline (Acoustic Demo) (03:41)
  6. 6. Emma Hewitt - It All Began With You (Acoustic Demo) (03:44)
  7. 7. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Strings & Vocals Mix) (03:49)
  8. 8. Emma Hewitt - Colours (Strings & Vocals Mix) (03:51)
  9. 9. Emma Hewitt - Miss You Paradise (Strings & Acoustic Version) (03:33)
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