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Emma Hewitt - Miss You Paradise (Part 2)

May 14, 2012
Life doesn't always turn out to be the perfect paradise we're hoping for. But while we're dreaming, it's the voice of Emma Hewitt that'll keep us going. With 'Miss You Paradise', the second single of her debut album, she takes us to an all-time high. The astonishing success of her first solo single won't be easy to match. But the second jewel to rise from her 'Burn Down The Sky' album is just as refined and delicate as the warm 'Colours'. A strong and catchy tune unfolds, as soon as 'Miss You Paradise' kicks in. Blending the influences of rock, pop and ambient, while carrying the weight of Emma's strong vocals, it's another bit of paradise you just have to discover. Next to the enchanting original, there's several remixes for the electronic dance lovers. Part 2 of the remix pack, brings you the stunning down-tempo Strings & Acoustic mix, as well as remixes by US producer Beckwith and UK duo Venom One. If contagious, funky house is what you're aiming for, try the Beckwithremix. The US producer re-wrote the melody and turned it into a warm, feel-good track. Looking for a mix of dubstep and quality house? Enjoy UK's dubstep phenomenon Venom One. Their remix of 'Miss You Paradise' hits in exactly where it should.


  1. 1. Miss You Paradise (Venom One Extended Mix) (05:20)
  2. 2. Miss You Paradise (Venom One Radio Edit) (03:30)
  3. 3. Miss You Paradise (Beckwith Remix) (05:21)
  4. 4. Miss You Paradise (Beckwith Radio Edit) (03:06)
  5. 5. Miss You Paradise (Strings & Acoustic Version) (03:33)
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