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Paul Trainer - Elusive

May 06, 2013
Some tracks simply stick around. One of them, serving the tech-trance purpose, is Paul Trainer's 'Elusive'. A gem of a tune, which sees three brand new remixes ready to serve the crowd. Scottish producer Paul Trainer has come a long way since bursting onto the scene in 2008. In 2010, when he had already moved us with 'Comply or Die' and 'Seize The Day', the young talent also brought us 'Elusive'. A banging tune that had more than just a booming bass. Three years later, it continues to inspire. And that's why you're now enjoying a new pack of remixes. Paul Trainer himself teamed up with North-Irish producer Liam Melly to bring a brand new angle of 'Elusive'. It's still techy, it's still trancy and it ever still rocks. James Dymond, one of today's most requested remixers, pushed the tempo, bringing it a taste of acid with the nu-trance sound of today. It's heavy, it's loaded, and it kicks right in. Last but not least, Dutchman Diederick van Loo explores the prog-trancy boundaries of 'Elusive', resulting in a warm, flowing piece for the nightly hours.


  1. 1. Elusive (James Dymond Remix) (07:56)
  2. 2. Elusive (Liam Melly & Paul Trainer Remix) (06:17)
  3. 3. Elusive (Diederick van Loo Remix) (06:17)
  4. 4. Elusive (James Dymond Radio Edit) (04:45)
  5. 5. Elusive (Liam Melly & Paul Trainer Radio Edit) (03:32)
  6. 6. Elusive (Diederick van Loo Radio Edit) (02:59)
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