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ElSandro - Style Fusion

December 20, 2009
Quality over quantity, Dutch producer/DJ Sander Bouma must have thought. It's been almost 1,5 years ago that his debut track 'Natural', a collaboration with Ruben de Ronde, hit in with its fusion of groovy house and lush progressive. His new dancefloor seducer is of a truly different type though. In 'Style Fusion', it's the electronic synth that makes up the rules. Tripping over housy clicks, rumbling beats and building towards a killer of a break, 'Style Fusion' is that one cheeky tune you'll be clicking your tongue to, long after leaving the club. 'Style Fusion' comes with two surprising remixes. The Jessus Progressivo remix hits a sensitive note, as the feel-good melody has been changed to a deep and dramatic one, with a pumping, proggy remix as the result. Colombian prog-house producers Andrea Saenz, Da'Others and Robots Memory left nothing untouched but the catchy hook of 'Style Fusion' in their deep and rousing proghouse remix. Different, daring and surely pleasing to a whole lot of dancefloor movers.


  1. 1. Style Fusion (Original Mix) (05:58)
  2. 2. Style Fusion (Jessus Progressivo Mix) (07:00)
  3. 3. Style Fusion (Da'Others Vs Andrea Saenz & Robots Memory Unplugged Mix) (06:55)
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