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Ella McCarthy - Stay

April 05, 2019
Coral Bay is eerie at night. But gorgeous. Sky like a planetarium, the cove has one of the most unique features of a beach anywhere: When twilight sets in, and the wind dies down, the waves look as if they are moving sideways. Nothing crashes onto the shore; waves just smile as they roll on by. The Bearded Man was observing this phenomenon in one of his more contemplative moods. His plan was to stay that night, then set out for another 10 hours of driving the following morning. That was the plan, anyways… As darkness fell, he slowly walked back through the sand towards the hostel he was staying at. Candles and tiki torches burned gently through the night at the hostel cafe, and Ella McCarthy’s seductive voice drifted gently over the bay through a pair of cheap speakers. Sitting under one of the tiki torches was the girl… the girl who looked like she might ruin all his best-laid plans. He took one look at her face in the firelight, and he knew he was going to stay just a little longer before moving on.

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  1. 1. Stay (03:31)
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