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Eelke Kleijn - Moments Of Clarity (The Remixes)

March 06, 2020
Featuring new interpretations of various singles, Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Moments Of Clarity (The Remixes)’ puts his recent ‘Moments Of Clarity’ release in a whole new light. A smorgasbord of colors and sounds conjured up by skillful creators such as Nicolas Masseyeff, Nora En Pure, Erick Morillo, VNTM and more, this 11-track remix album offers a brand-new perspective for fans to dive into wholeheartedly.

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  1. 1. Maschine 1.0 (Valeron Remix) (04:14)
  2. 2. Lost Souls (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) (03:36)
  3. 3. Drive (Brassica Remix) (03:52)
  4. 4. Lost Souls (Nora En Pure Remix) (03:41)
  5. 5. De Orde Van De Nacht (Pt. 2) (Raxon Remix) (04:31)
  6. 6. Mojo’s Tale (Animal Trainer Remix) (04:32)
  7. 7. Lost Souls (Erick Morillo Remix) (03:23)
  8. 8. Drive (Denney Remix) (04:07)
  9. 9. Moments Of Clarity (VNTM Remix) (04:13)
  10. 10. Maschine 2.0 (Nakadia Remix) (03:10)
  11. 11. Lost Souls (Yulia Niko Remix) (03:44)
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