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Eddie Makabi feat. Einat - Ecstasy

April 23, 2012
US producer Eddie Makabi trades the Hollywood hills for the holy grounds of trance music. Debuting on Armada's S107 label with the promising 'Ecstacy', he brings a promising, uplifting anthem to the playgrounds of EDM. With over 2 decades of DJ experience and an unquenchable thirst to hear that heart-pounding beat, Eddie Makabi became one of LA's most favored residents. But this time, he's got bigger plans. With his debut release 'Ecstacy', he makes the first step to dance land domination. Sugar-sweet vocals, a strong and uplifting melody and a right flow of energy, make this one perfect for the peak-time momentum.


  1. 1. Ecstasy (Original Mix) (07:36)
  2. 2. Ecstasy (Radio Mix) (03:04)
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