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Eco - When I’m Gone / We Watched The Sunrise Till Our Eyes Burned Out

January 23, 2012
If anyone has been giving trance a new definition, it's New York resident Eco. Mashing up the finest of trance, prog and all else needed to reshape boundaries, are his new favourites 'When I'm Gone' and 'We Watched The Sunrise Till Our Eyes Burned Out'. With 17 originals and jewels alike, Marcello Pacheco introduced the world to his unique formula of sounds. 'M(You)sic)' gathered the promise of a bright future in EDM, with Eco as one of the leading lights in it. The young talent is clearly unstoppable, now setting forth two new, future classics on the A State of Trance label. 'When I'm Gone', bringing out the more temper side of prog, is a delicate piece of warmth, bursting into a feast of electric synths right after the break. 'We Watched The Sunrise Till Our Eyes Burned Out' has that electrifying buzz of a prog-house tune at peak-time, with the melody and drive of a real trancer. Eco has ever showed you the best of both worlds.


  1. 1. When I'm Gone (Original Mix) (07:31)
  2. 2. We Watched The Sunrise Till Our Eyes Burned Out (Original Mix) (07:45)
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