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Eco - The Light In Your Eyes Went Out

March 07, 2011
The EDM-loving souls can hardly wait for it to be the end of April. That's when Eco's 'M(You)sic' is going to hit the storms, an entire artist album full of melodic gold. The New York based mastermind, Marcello Pacheco, already wowed the global trancers with previous releases like 'Light At The End', ' And We Flew Away', 'Tonight Is Forever' and 'Lost Angeles'. To ease the wait till April, he now presents the first official single of the album, his diverse sounding 'The Light In Your Eyes Went Out'. Things go deep on Eco's latest production, that features his ever-refreshing sound that is typically him yet always different from his previous release. No surprise, as he finds his inspiration in ambient, progressive rock, alternative and trance. On 'The Light In Your Eyes Went Out', he combined the best of all these genres, making it fit in a multi-styled layer of a masterpiece. On the flipside, Norwegian duo Lemon & Einar K translated 'The Light In Your Eyes Went Out' into a purely uplifting piece with big synths and refined beats. Leaving some of Eco's typical sounds in there makes up for a temping combination of the best of the three producers.


  1. 0. The Light In Your Eyes Went Out (Club Mix) (08:29)
  2. 0. The Light In Your Eyes Went Out (Lemon & Einar K Remix) (07:03)
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