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Eco feat. Jeza - Over Paper Skies

June 13, 2011
Marcello Pacheco is ready for the next phase in his musical career. Along with the release of his debut album 'M(You)sic)', he outgrows the 'new talent' tag and puts his name on the map with 17 strong originals. This 80 minute statement, a journey of progressive, trance and all other elements needed to find the extraordinary destination of its musical tour, also features the new single: 'Over Paper Skies'. The closing track of the album is a powerful finish to a strong voyage. For this beauty, Eco invited singer Jess Bennett, best known for her 'Leaving London' and work under the Jeza moniker. 'Over Paper Skies', released in an original and summer mix, has a deep, enchantingly warm sound. The distinctive Eco synth is, of course, there to get you energized, and is in perfect balance to the bittersweet vocals of Jeza. An electronic story and blue-print of Eco's unequalled sound.


  1. 0. Over Paper Skies (Extended Mix) (07:53)
  2. 0. Over Paper Skies (Summer Mix) (06:43)
  3. 0. Over Paper Skies (Hysteria! Extended Mix) (06:05)
  4. 0. Over Paper Skies (Extended Dub Mix) (07:54)
  5. 0. Over Paper Skies (Summer Dub Mix) (06:43)
  6. 0. Over Paper Skies (Hysteria! Remix) (04:10)
  7. 0. Over Paper Skies (Hysteria! Extended Instrumental Mix) (06:05)
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