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Eco - Drowning

December 06, 2010
The master of melodic gold, hailing straight from his studio in New York, is back again! Trance community, we are proud to introduce you to Eco's new master piece 'Drowning'! Heavily requested, Marcello Pacheco already put a spell on the global trance scene with remixes for the likes of Coldplay, Ferry Corsten and previous productions 'And We Flew Away', 'Love' and 'Borealis'. Get ready to experience a real state of trance once more, with his latest tune 'Drowning'! Like most of his previous productions, 'Drowning' already made it to the Tune Of The Week on Armin van Buuren's famous A State Of Trance radio show. It's the Dutch superstar himself, who keeps on praising Eco's sixth sense for outstanding melodic trance. On 'Drowning', Eco invites you to another deep dive into his beloved sound. A harmonic build up, an intricacy of effects, piano-lines and a strong baseline come together into an absolute peak-time example of uplifting trance in excellent shape. Some tighter beats and a big room feel can be found on the 'Dereck Recay Remix'. The DJ and producer returned to classical trance sounds after the break, delivering a hands-in-the-air yet floor-moving piece to get lost in! DJ Support: Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, W&W, Nic Chagall:


  1. 0. Drowning (Original Mix) (07:14)
  2. 0. Drowning (Dereck Recay Remix) (07:49)
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